Linux Virtual Routing and Forwarding is an open source effort to implement a flexible scable mechanism for providing multiple routing instance within the Linux kernel. This functionality will be exposed to userland so processes may choose which VRF to attached to


There has been recent work in the 2.6 kernels to implement network namespaces. I was not involved in this effort, but the core of this work is remarkably similar to what it took to add VRFs to the linux kernel. So the focus of this project has changed to augment network namespaces to behave like the VRF support I originally implemented.

The feature set that I'm aimming for:

To Do

-provide new RPMs that combine my patches and network namespaces

-use existing 'VRF' syntax to config linux-vrf entities
-modify ripd, ospfd, bgpd to be able to operate as 'PE-CE' protocols
-integrate with mpls-linux project and implement MPLS BGP VPNs (RFC2547bis)


Go to the Linux VRF project page
The Linux VRF mailing list is can be reached at Sourceforge

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